Will Tata Group build a gigafactory in Somerset?

While a deal has not been signed yet, negotiations have reportedly progressed and Somerset is poised to become the location for a multibillion-pound electric car battery plant

Stellantis warns Brexit deal imperils UK EV production

The parent company of brands such as Vauxhall, Citroen, Peugeot and Fiat has raised concerns about its ability to fulfill its commitment to manufacturing EVs in the UK

High energy costs may put the brakes on EV sales

The projected market share of BEVs in 2023 has been downgraded from 19.7% to 18.4% due to high energy costs and insufficient charging infrastructure

Government blasted for wasting cash on EV tax reminders

The government is allegedly spending approximately £450,000 a year sending unnecessary tax reminders to EV owners who are exempt from paying vehicle excise duty

Rumours grow for the collapse of UK-government backed Britishvolt

The company has allegedly yet not received £100m in promised government support

Firm behind ‘UK’s first’ gigafactory reportedly faces ‘pre-Christmas collapse’

Britishvolt is allegedly holding emergency fundraising talks that could lead to the potential sale of the business

EVs put the brakes on UK car manufacturers’ ‘long Covid’

Battery electric vehicle production increased by 6.5% during the first six months to record levels, according to a report

From 2035, petrol and diesel cars ‘will no longer be sold in Europe’

The European Parliament voted in favour of the proposal to reach zero-emission road mobility by 2035

Nearly six million UK homes ‘could be hit by power cuts due to energy shortage’

Experts have warned that energy-intensive industries will be the first to feel the pinch

EV production soared in worst January for car manufacturing since 2009

Electrified vehicles made up 27.4% of the total car production output, latest figures show