Top adviser urges government speed on energy overhaul

The National Infrastructure Commission’s Chair has urged the government to expedite measures facilitating private investment in decarbonising the electricity sector

Ofgem chief calls for massive job creation in UK carbon capture sector

During visits to CCS projects in Teesside and Humberside, Jonathan Brearley highlighted the need for clean jobs in decarbonising heavy industries, hydrogen production and power plants

UK ‘poised to greenlight billions for Drax’s BECCS plan’

The government is reportedly close to approving a project at Drax, involving the addition of two carbon capture plants to the existing generating units in North Yorkshire

UK imposes carbon pricing on imports

The UK will implement a new import carbon pricing mechanism by 2027, aiming to support its decarbonisation efforts

UK’s £20bn carbon capture plan risks fossil gas dependency

New research warns that the UK Government’s carbon capture and storage policy heavily favours ‘blue’ hydrogen projects, raising concerns about prolonged reliance on fossil gas

“Net zero is not an obligation to be managed but an opportunity to be seized”

Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero, Ed Miliband said that tackling climate change will improve cost of living crisis at Energy UK conference

Scottish scientists score £1m to trap CO2 in volcanic rocks

The team of scientists is working to confirm the viability of a process in which CO2 captured is turned into minerals by basalt volcanic rock

UK energy industry reacts to biomass strategy

Seven UK energy trade groups support the evidence-based biomass strategy but stress immediate government action for effective BECCS to achieve climate goals

New UK funding for Scottish carbon capture projects

The government has today confirmed funding for Scottish carbon capture projects, Acorn and Viking

First Minister calls for action on Acorn CCS project

Humza Yousaf calls on the UK Government to approve the Acorn carbon capture and storage project, emphasising its importance in achieving Scotland’s net zero goals