North Sea oil investments face 60% cash flow drop

Private equity investments in North Sea oil and gas may see a 60% cash flow decline due to the accelerating energy transition, according to a report

“UK household bills to rise £40 due to wasted wind power”

Wasted wind power, exacerbated by transmission bottlenecks between Scotland and England, is projected to inflate UK household electricity bills by £40 in 2023, according to a think tank

“Oil and gas titans grapple with energy transition threat”

Amid the energy transition, the oil and gas industry is urged to adopt adaptive strategies to safeguard shareholder value in the face of diminishing demand

Household bills face £200 surge as UK grid wastes wind power

The risks of unresolved grid bottlenecks could lead to a £200 rise in household energy bills by 2030, according to a report

‘UK’s wasted wind power could have powered a million homes’

The failure to address transmission bottlenecks led to curtailment costs of £1.5 billion and emissions of 2.5 million tonnes of CO2, according to a report

‘Green hydrogen is now cheaper to produce’

This is due to the Ukraine War, research claims

Surge in oil prices ‘could spark investment in fossil fuel projects’

Mike Coffin, Head of Oil and Gas at Carbon Tracker spoke to ELN about the reasons companies need to resist the temptation to invest heavily in short term price signals

One-in-four European gas power plants ‘runs at a loss’ amid energy price shocks

Nearly $3.5 billion in the UK is at risk even if new gas plants run for their full lifetime, new research finds

‘Oil companies must plan major production drop by 2030s to meet 1.5°C’

ELN spoke to Axel Dalman, Carbon Tracker Associate Analyst, about the findings of the latest report of the financial think tank

Industry reacts to landmark IPCC report findings

Following the publication of the sixth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report, the industry, academia and campaigners respond to its key findings