Household bills face £200 surge as UK grid wastes wind power

The risks of unresolved grid bottlenecks could lead to a £200 rise in household energy bills by 2030, according to a report

Experts have raised concerns over unresolved UK grid bottlenecks, warning that they could add £200 to annual household energy bills by 2030.

The report by the financial think tank Carbon Tracker highlights that Britain wasted enough wind generation last year to power a million homes due to insufficient investments and planning approvals for electricity grid upgrades, which are failing to keep up with the rapid growth of wind power development.

Analysts note that if no action is taken, the costs of inaction could triple by 2026 and cost the country a staggering £3.5 billion per year by 2030.

This would result in an average annual household electricity bill increase of nearly £200 and contribute to 6.8 million tonnes of additional emissions.

According to the report, grid bottlenecks caused National Grid ESO to pay Scottish wind farms to stop generating zero-carbon power on over 200 occasions in 2022.

To compensate for the shortfall, gas power stations in England had to increase their output, further driving up costs.

This led to an estimated £800 million being added to consumer electricity bills, the think tank has said.

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