Spain targets 100% renewable electricity by 2050

It also plans to ban the sale of new petrol or diesel cars by 2040

Porsche takes diesel models off its lineup

The German automaker says the move is in part due to the diesel emissions scandal

Zero emission vehicles could be given green number plates

They would be entitled to drive on bus lanes in addition to green vehicles lanes

Nissan admits car emissions data falsified in Japan

The company said a ‘full and comprehensive’ investigation is underway

Volvo to use 25% recycled plastics in cars from 2025

It unveiled a specially built car that has had several of its plastic components replaced with recycled materials

BMW, Daimler and Toyota rated greenest carmakers

  BMW, Daimler and Toyota are the most environmentally-friendly car manufacturers. That’s according to non-profit group Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which ranked responses from 16 manufacturers on their progress towards meeting regulatory emissions standards, using self-driving technology with renewable energy and incentivising lower carbon emissions. Subaru got the worst rating out of all the manufacturers, […]

US environment agency strengthens green rules

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strengthened the nation’s emission regulations. Speculation suggests it may be trying to lock-in fuel economy rules to protect them from being eroded by President-elect Trump when he enters power. The Obama Administration has been fairly successful in tackling pollution and climate change during its time in office, setting rules in 2012 that dictated […]

Ferrari and Aston Martin miss 2015 EU emissions goals

Luxury brands Aston Martin and Ferrari were the only two major car manufacturers to miss their EU emissions targets in 2015. They will have to pay premiums as a result – all other car and van manufacturers met their goals. The report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) also confirms preliminary findings earlier in the year that suggested the EU […]

Tesla to fine customers who overstay at EV chargers

Tesla is to fine customers who stay too long at its EV Superchargers. The company has announced that once a car is fully charged, users should make room for somebody else – if they don’t do so within five minutes, they will be charged a rate of $0.40 (£0.32) a minute. The move comes following complaints from owners that […]

Could trees make air pollution worse?

Trees at the sides of the road can trap pollutants under their canopy and actually make air pollution in certain cities worse. That’s according to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which has released draft guidance for the government to combat air pollution. The UK public body, which gives independent health guidance to […]