More than 19 million Brits targeted by ‘green’ scammers in the last 12 months!

Customers in the age group of over 55s are most likely to be targeted by phone, according to new research

Almost 36% of Scots are struggling to pay their energy bills

Nearly 80% of Scots cited rising energy costs as the reason for that struggle, according to new research

Two more suppliers went bust in the wake of soaring energy prices

More than 70,000 Britons will be impacted by two more failures in the energy market

Industry responds to Bulb’s collapse into administration

Does Bulb’s failure mean that the energy sector will see darker days? What does the industry believe?

Energy market hit by storm of four more collapses

More than 23,700 customers will see their energy supplier changing

Seven charities awarded £1.9m to tackle fuel poverty

Charities will receive grants from £49,000 to more than £678,000 for projects designed to support energy justice and cut CO2 emissions

Customers ‘face £30-a-month price hike when energy companies go bust’

People switched to a new supplier because their own has gone bust have to pay £6.70 more every week, according to new research by Citizens Advice

‘Policy must change or 29m homes will not decarbonise’

A coalition of groups have written an open letter to the Prime Minister, calling for government to make it easier for consumers to decarbonise their homes

Industry responds to new energy price cap

Ofgem announced a new price cap today – but what does the energy industry think?

‘Worst energy suppliers five times more likely to provide inaccurate bills’

Suppliers ranked in the bottom five of the Citizens Advice’s star rating table failed to provide an accurate bill for 15% of their customers