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Challenges in Britain’s smart meter rollout

As of March 2024, over 24 million gas meters and 29 million electricity meters were operated by large energy suppliers, with 56% of all domestic meters being smart, prompting calls for quicker issue resolution from energy suppliers

The latest quarterly update on smart meters in Britain reveals that as of March 2024, large energy suppliers were operating over 24.1 million gas meters and 29.2 million electricity meters in domestic properties.

Of these, 56% were smart meters in smart mode, with 50% for gas and 60% for electricity.

When including smart meters in traditional mode, the overall percentage rises to 63%.

The data highlights a 2.5% increase in the number of smart meters operating in smart mode compared to the previous quarter.

Specifically, 29.6 million domestic smart meters in smart mode were operated by large suppliers, with 59% being electricity meters.

Citizens Advice has raised concerns over the number of households missing out on potential energy bill savings due to malfunctioning meters.

Gillian Cooper, Director of Energy at Citizens Advice, said: “Smart meters can help households save money on their energy bills, but today’s figures show millions are missing out on these benefits because their meters aren’t working as they should.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our research shows that 20% of households with smart meters still have to submit regular manual readings. And nearly a third experienced issues with their in-home display.

“Suppliers have been too slow to fix issues with people’s smart meters. We need new rules to ensure energy suppliers identify and fix problems as quickly as possible.”

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