Maxine Mayhew appointed to Low Carbon Contracts Company

She is the Managing Director of the Natural Resources Division at Costain, where she is responsible for the continued development of the energy, water and defence markets

SSEN granted £9.5m for low carbon network resilience

The Resilience as a Service (RaaS) project seeks to avoid carbon intensive standby generation while supporting network reliability and resilience

UK construction firm nearly triples CO2 reduction goal

A British construction and civil engineering company slashed emissions by 14% last year, nearly tripling its 5% reduction target. Costain has made a number of significant sustainable changes across its business, including shifting to carbon-neutral green energy tariffs – this reduced its overall carbon footprint by 41%, compared to 2015. It has also made hybrid vehicles available at […]

Centrica picks builder for £84m Barrow gas project

Centrica has picked engineering firm Costain as the main contractor for its £84 million project at the Barrow gas terminals in Cumbria. Its generation business Centrica Energy is building a 1.1km underground pipe between the north and south terminals because of EU laws banning the sale of a refrigerant called freon from the end of […]

New ‘smart’ venture to help businesses manage energy

A new ’smart’ venture which is expected to help businesses manage and save energy while earning revenue has been launched. Called COdemand, the project aims to provide firms with demand response solutions, which helps manage fluctuations in electricity supply and demand on the grid. Demand response increases the capacity of the grid to cope with […]

Severn Trent hopes upgrading water pipes saves dosh

British building firm Costain has won a contract to upgrade Severn Trent’s infrastructure networks and sewage treatment facilities (such as those, pictured) between 2015 and 2020. It has promised the water company will tap into efficiency savings with the improvements. If Ofwat approves Severn Trent’s business plan, Costain will earn £50 million for the project.

Pylons getting upgrades

The network operator for London and the South East has dished out contracts worth £26million to upgrade some of its power lines. Over the next two years, Carillion, Costain and Electricity Network Solutions will refurbish and rebuild the steel pylons which carry 33,000 volts and 132,000 volts. New fibre optic cables will also be put […]