German power grid operators steel themselves for cyber attacks

Energy company innogy’s first training centre allows firms to learn how to identify threats as well as initiate suitable protective and defensive measures

US awards $28m to prevent cyber-attacks on energy infrastructure

It will support the research, development and demonstration of next generation tools and technologies

UK to help cybersecurity firms export technology

Global cybersecurity spend in energy and critical national infrastructure in 2016 was £0.77 billion

Majority of public ‘support idea of safe driverless vehicles’

People also want reassurance the autonomous vehicles are resistant to cyber attacks, research finds

IEA: Digitalisation will transform global power system

Digital technologies are set to transform the global energy system in the coming decades. That’s the view of the International Energy Agency (IEA), which suggests those technologies will make the system more connected, reliable and sustainable, having a “profound and lasting impact” on both energy demand and supply. It forecasts more than one billion households […]

UK firms ‘concerned about cyber-attacks on new energy tech’

Around two-thirds (65%) of UK businesses are concerned about cyber-attacks as new technologies like smart meters are being installed. According to a new PwC survey, 51% of more than 500 UK businesses questioned are worried their client data isn’t handled securely enough by their energy supplier. The concern comes as energy companies are in the […]

Majority of Americans ‘concerned about power grid cyber attacks’

More than 60% of Americans believe the nation’s power transmission grid is vulnerable to either cyber or physical attacks from foreign enemies. That’s according to a new poll, which also reveals less than 9% of people believe the US Government is doing everything to protect the grid from a potential attack. It adds nearly 64% […]

$15m to protect US power grid from cyber attacks

The US Department of Energy is to provide up to $15 million (£11.3m) to strengthen and protect the nation’s electricity grid from cyber and physical attacks. The funding will be used by the American Public Power Association and the National Rural Electric Co-operative Association to develop security tools, educational resources and training on common strategies […]

US issues guidance to prevent electric grid cyber attacks

New guidelines to help protect the electric grid from cyber attacks has been issued by the US Department of Energy. It lays out language that utilities and other energy sector organisations should use in the procurement process to ensure they’re buying the right products and features to prevent attacks in a bid to improve the […]

New tool to protect US oil and gas sector from cyber attacks

A new public-private partnership to strengthen protection of the oil and gas infrastructure from cyber attacks has been announced in the US. Led by the Energy Department in collaboration with industry experts, the Department of Homeland Security and other stakeholders, the initiative will create a tool that allows owners and operators to assess and prioritise […]