UK to help cybersecurity firms export technology

Global cybersecurity spend in energy and critical national infrastructure in 2016 was £0.77 billion

The UK Government has launched a new strategy to support the export of cybersecurity technology to protect the country and its allies.

It will help the UK’s 800 companies to win contracts to provide security for high profile international buyers and protect networks across the globe, including in the energy, healthcare and automotive sectors.

The Department for International Trade Defence & Security will engage with overseas governments, particularly ministers, national technical authorities and information security stakeholders to encourage adoption of standards and position UK companies as best able to meet customer needs.

Global cybersecurity spend in energy and critical national infrastructure in 2016 was £0.77 billion.

The report states the emergence of smart grids and smarter devices can make the energy industry more vulnerable to cyber attacks and a large number of legacy systems require ongoing maintenance and support to remain secure.

It adds in the automotive sector, which spent £0.9 billion in cybersecurity in 2016, threats are rising due to the vulnerability to hacking of new generation cars as they get smarter.

UK cyber exports overall totalled £1.5 billion two years ago and global demand for software products to protect digital systems from vulnerabilities continues to grow, with total spend expected to exceed £759 billion by 2021.

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox said: “Recent events show that the UK faces a diverse range of threats from hostile state actors. So in an increasingly digital world, it’s vital that we improve our cyber capabilities, which are crucial for national security and prosperity.”

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