IEA: “Capital spending is insufficient to tackle the energy and climate crises”

Global energy investment is set to increase by 8% this year, the energy forum has estimated

IEA: World added record renewable energy capacity in 2021

The largest renewable energy growth was recorded in China, Europe and Latin America, according to a new report

IEA moving ahead with collective oil stock release of 120m barrels

Of these, around 60 million barrels will come from US stockpiles

Fatih Birol reappointed IEA’s Executive Director

Dr Fatih Birol will serve a third term as boss of the organisation

IEA unveils measures that could reduce risk of energy supply crunch

IEA’s Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol said the world might well be facing its biggest oil supply shock in decades

IEA unveils ten-point plan to reduce EU’s reliance on Russian natural gas

Europe has called for immediate action as its gas reserves are risking reaching the lowest levels by April

Countries to release 60m barrels of oil in light of Russia-Ukraine war

The IEA Ministers reiterated their support for sanctions imposed on Russia

IEA: ‘Energy-related methane emissions 70% higher than what governments say’

The energy sector is responsible for nearly 40% of methane emissions from human activities, the IEA says

Renewable electricity capacity to increase by 60% in the next five years, IEA predicts

Renewable power installations are forecast to break a record this year, according to IEA’s new report

IEA: The pace of global energy efficiency ‘not quick enough’ to meet climate goals

Public and private spending on energy efficiency technologies needs to triple by 2030, the IEA suggests