Ed Davey: Amber Rudd’s big problem is energy security

Energy security is the big problem the government needs to solve. That’s according to former Energy Secretary and Chairman of Mongoose Energy Sir Ed Davey. He said energy security is “the biggest thing that has arisen since the election which no one predicted”, adding that’s due to some coal-fired power plants closing before expected due to […]

Webinar at 9.30am: Power to the people

A conversation with Sir Ed Davey about community energy and a little bit of policy.

Sir Ed Davey: Brexit threat hitting energy investment

The threat of the UK’s possible exit from the EU is affecting investment in energy and low carbon projects. That’s according to Sir Ed Davey, former Energy Secretary and Chair of Mongoose Energy, who believes the referendum on whether the nation leaves the EU or not is already hitting the country’s economy. Speaking to ELN […]

Community bonds get the sun shining

Community energy bonds have raised more than £2m and helped develop two solar projects in the South West of England. Two bonds launched by Bath and West Community Energy (BWCE) and Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC), provide expected fixed-rate returns of 5.5% and 6% pa. They have raised more than £2m and helped fund two large scale […]

Ed Davey predicts outcome of COP21

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey has predicted the outcome of the upcoming climate change conference in Paris. He said: “My expectation is there will be a deal – the first ever which applies to all countries.” He added it will make more progress than expected in actual emission reduction promises and there will be good progress on […]

Ed Davey: George Osborne is calling the shots on energy policy

Chancellor George Osborne is “calling the shots” when it comes to energy policy. That’s the view of former Energy Secretary Ed Davey who said they have had “quite a few standoffs” and a “big fight” over the Levy Control Framework (LCF), a tool used by government to support the control of costs to consumers arising […]

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey at EL2015

  ELN Editor Sumit Bose’s no-holds-barred conversation with former Energy Secretary Ed Davey about his time in government and the Tories’ new policy changes.

Ed Davey launches another attack on Tory Government

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey has criticised the Conservative Government for “trying to kill off [the UK’s] renewable energy boom”. Commenting in The Guardian, he said: “In the past three months, for the first time in our history, Britain produced more electricity from renewable sources than it did from coal. “But that massive progress in clean energy is […]

Davey slams George Osborne’s green cuts as ‘economic idiocy’

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey slammed the Chancellor’s renewable energy cuts as “economic idiocy”. He accused George Osborne of wanting to dominate the government, claiming “he’s telling not just DECC but other parts of the government what to do”. Mr Davey told ELN: “I’m afraid George Osborne is very anti-renewables, he doesn’t understand the economics […]

Ed Davey to advise law firm on green energy

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey has taken up a new role as a renewable energy consultant at a law firm. He has been given clearance by the Cabinet Office to start private work with Herbert Smith Freehills. The Liberal Democrat minister lost his parliamentary seat in the general election earlier this year. He will advise […]