Ed Davey returns as Lib Dem’s Shadow Energy Minister

The MP for Kingston and Surbiton served as Energy and Climate Change Secretary between 2012 and 2015

Hung Parliament: Uncertainty looms for energy sector

The UK election has ended in a hung Parliament in an election twist today. The Conservatives secured 42.4% of the votes winning 318 seats, while Labour at 40% ended with 262 seats. The Lib Dems stand at 7.4% with 12 seats, the Green Party at 1.6% and the Scottish National Party at 3%. Prime Minister […]

‘UK Government not taking energy seriously’

  The UK Government is not taking energy as seriously as it should be in the lead up to leaving the EU. That’s according to Former Energy Secretary Sir Ed Davey, who spoke to ELN at the Energy Storage and Connected Systems conference in London yesterday. He said the fact the government has “no real sense […]

Energy policy needed to fight Brexit uncertainty

The government needs to announce an energy policy in its Autumn statement later this month, to combat the uncertainty the sector is experiencing due to Brexit. That is the only thing that will give clarity to investors in the industry, said former Energy Secretary Ed Davey. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2016 conference […]

Brexit and nuclear discussed at Energy Live 2016

The government has created “massive uncertainty” in the energy sector due to Brexit and its latest policies. That’s the message from former Energy Secretary Ed Davey who was one of the main speakers at the Energy Live 2016 conference in London today. Mr Davey joined Shadow Energy and Climate Minister Alan Whitehead, Founder of Buglass […]

M&S gives a spark to community energy projects

M&S Energy has unveiled the winners of its £350,000 Community Energy Fund. The scheme saw nearly 80,000 people vote for their favourite project to win funding so they could install renewable technology or energy efficiency measures in community spaces. A total of 26 projects ranging from schools, sports clubs and a pub have been awarded […]

Ed Davey calls on charities to take crucial environmental role

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey is challenging the charity sector to take green issues more seriously if they want to reap the financial benefit for their work. That was his message during his first speech as Chairman of the Fit for the Future Network, a partnership between the National Trust and sustainable energy charity Ashden, which […]

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey at #EL2016

Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey will be speaking at the Energy Live 2016 Conference in London next month. He oversaw the implementation of the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) and signed off on the original deal for Hinkley Point C while at the former Department for Energy and Climate Change – now the Department for Business, […]

Hinkley is the right decision, says Ed Davey

  Going ahead with the Hinkley Point C nuclear project is the right decision, according to the former Energy Secretary Ed Davey. Speaking to ELN at the Carbon Trust ‘Clean Tech Investor Forum’ event yesteday, he said nuclear investment is the right decision as it is not yet certain whether renewables and storage will be able […]

Ed Davey: Amber Rudd’s big problem is energy security

Energy security is the big problem the government needs to solve. That’s according to former Energy Secretary and Chairman of Mongoose Energy Sir Ed Davey. He said energy security is “the biggest thing that has arisen since the election which no one predicted”, adding that’s due to some coal-fired power plants closing before expected due to […]