New Volkswagen Golf to be mild hybrid

The vehicle is expected to save up to 0.3 litres of fuel over 100 kilometres

Electric black cabs hit London roads

The greener vehicles are expected to help black cab drivers save money on fuel and running costs compared to polluting diesel taxis

Dyson to build electric car that doesn’t suck

  Vacuum giant Dyson has announced plans to develop its own electric vehicle by 2020. It is to invest £2 billion on developing the “radical” electric car, with a 400-strong team working on it. Dyson, known for its vacuum cleaners and fans, will develop the car at Hullavington in Wiltshire, which is expected to open […]

London’s new electric black cab tested in Arctic Circle

The brand new design for London’s electric black cab has been undergoing tests in the harshest conditions in the Arctic Circle. According to London Taxi Company (LTC), the checks to the vehicle performance will get more stringent over the coming weeks, with the taxis set to be cooled down in giant fridges to -49°C. The […]

BMW ‘considers making electric Mini outside UK due to Brexit’

BMW is reportedly considering manufacturing its electric Mini outside the UK due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit. According to reports, the carmaker, which manufactures most Minis at its plant in Oxford, could be moving production of the electric version to its sites in Germany. The company announced the launch of the battery-powered Mini last […]

Robocar: The first electric, driverless race car

The designs of the first driverless and electric race car have been unveiled. Dubbed ‘Robocar’, it is part of the newly launched motorsport championship Roborace – the first global championship for driverless cars. It has been designed by newly appointed Chief Design Officer Daniel Simon who previously created cars for Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbusters such as Tron: Legacy […]

UK extends plug-in car grant scheme

The UK Government is extending the current plug-in car grant scheme until next year. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) made the announcement today in a bid to encourage the uptake of more electric cars. It will continue to offer discounts worth up to £5,000 on plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs) until at […]

EV rental firm investors sell and celebrate

A UK all-electric car-sharing company has been sold to car rental firm Europcar Group. It is the world’s first successful exit by crowdfunding investors. The 63 Crowdcube investors enjoyed a multiple return on their £100,000 total investment in E-Car Club. The company was started by social entrepreneurs Chris Morris and Andrew Wordsworth in 2011. It was backed by […]

Natalie Imbruglia adds sparks to London ePrix

  ELN Chief Reporter Priyanka Shrestha heads to Battersea Park in London for the season finale of the first-ever all-electric car championship. She speaks to singer Natalie Imbruglia about the environmentally-friendly Grand Prix.

Sam Bird: Formula E will drive electric car innovation

The all-electric car championship will help drive innovation in the sector. That’s the view of Sam Bird, one of the Formula E competitors, who won the home race in London yesterday after a time penalty was given to France’s Stephane Sarrazin for exceeding his energy allowance. London-born Virgin Racing driver Bird left the crowd cheering […]