Doubling of global renewable capacity expected by 2030

A new report suggests that, given the current trajectory and accelerated growth, a tripling of renewables is within reach

Methane emission crisis threatens global climate goals

Urgent action to reduce methane emissions from fossil fuel operations is essential to meet global climate targets, the International Energy Agency has warned

Power sector emissions stagnate amid renewable growth

Global power sector emissions remained nearly steady in the first half of 2023, rising by just 0.2% compared to the previous year, as wind and solar energy continued to expand, according to a report

EU fossil generation hits rock bottom

EU’s fossil fuel power has plummeted to a historic low due to waning electricity demand, according to new research

G7 ministers to meet on energy and climate in Japan

The G7 ministers will discuss energy transition, climate change, circular economy and resource efficiency at a meeting in Sapporo, Japan

Wind and solar power surges to record 12% of global electricity

Global wind power blew away records last year, enough to power almost all of the UK, according to a report

‘Strong growth’ in renewable capacity in India

India’s solar and wind capacity installations grew strongly in 2022, while coal additions dropped significantly, according to a new report

Wind and solar ‘helped the EU save nearly €12bn since start of war’

EU wind and solar grew by 50TWh since March 2022 according to a new report

No excuse for high methane emissions, says IEA chief

The global energy industry was responsible for 135 million tonnes of methane released into the atmosphere last year, according to a report

EU wind and solar outstrip gas power for the first time

Wind and solar generated a record fifth of EU electricity last year, according to a new report