DECC invites views on rules for limiting emissions

The Government is inviting views on its proposed approach to the regulations that require operators of fossil fuel power stations to limit carbon emissions. DECC has launched a consultation on some aspects of the Emissions Performance Standard (EPS), which became law as part of the Energy Act 2013 and forms part of the measures that […]

Lords vote against tougher coal plants rule in UK

Coal plants already running in the UK won’t be put under stricter emissions rules in future. That’s after Lords voted against adding an ‘emissions performance standard’ or EPS to the Energy Bill which is going through parliament. Yesterday they rejected an amendment which would have forced coal plants to cut carbon emissions by 2025. They […]

Ed Davey: Energy Bill will cut consumer bills

Energy Secretary Ed Davey denied claims that consumer bills will rise under new proposals announced today. Mr Davey introduced the much-delayed Energy Bill at a Parliamentary session and said the Bill would see consumers pay less for energy in the long run. He stressed the new legislation will protect consumers, keep the lights on and […]

Few surprises in Draft Energy Bill – for now

Energy Secretary Ed Davey today unveiled the draft Energy Bill today as part of plans to “keep the lights on, bills down and the air clean”. The draft legislation will now be closely looked over in Parliament under pre-legislative scrutiny – and it appears to hold few surprises. Confirmed in the Queen’s Speech earlier this […]

Parliament could see draft Energy Bill by end of May

Draft legislation for the Electricity Market Reform could be laid before Parliament within a matter of weeks, according to information that was briefly published on DECC’s website before being taken down today. The news comes as today the Queen confirmed the reform of the electricity market in her annual speech. Earlier today a page on […]

Labour MP says Davey is wrong on gas standard

Labour MP Alan Whitehead has slammed Ed Davey’s plans for gas power stations saying they’ll make a mockery of climate change targets. Mr Whitehead, who sits on the Energy Select Committee said the Energy Secretary was wrong to set the gas Emissions Performance Standard at a level of 450g/kWh, as he believes this will do […]

Chancellor says energy in mind for Budget

After receiving the boost of an Emissions Performance Standard from DECC this weekend, the gas industry was told by George Osborne he would work on securing further investment for the North Sea. The Chancellor or the Exchequer said: “As we work towards a new gas strategy in the autumn, Treasury ministers will host a roundtable […]

What market reform?

Labour MP Alan Whitehead has questioned the whole point of the electricity market reform. Speaking this morning at the Smartest Energy annual conference he said the EMR should be renamed “Electricity Market Non-Reform” as he argued its unlikely to do enough in its current form to secure supply and move the UK to a low […]

Huhne: EMR is "biggest change to market since privatisation"

Chris Huhne today laid out the “biggest change since privatisation” to the electricity market. The Energy Secretary announced the publication of the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) White Paper at Westminster this afternoon. The EMR is the Coalition’s plan to steer the UK towards low carbon energy. Over the next decade a quarter of the UK’s […]

EMR: the facts

The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR) will be announced today. It’s seen as the blueprint for moving the UK economy towards a low carbon future. But what exactly is the EMR? When it was first proposed in December, the EMR was made up of: – A carbon price support – […]