US energy efficiency sector now employs more than 2.2m workers

This is roughly twice as many as work in fossil fuel industries

UK’s offshore oil and gas sector ‘must boost recruitment efforts’

Oil & Gas UK says the industry must focus on hiring a diverse mix of staff able to make its 2035 goals a reality

Energy sector powers forward with job satisfaction

Workers in the UK’s environment and sustainability sector are more satisfied with their jobs than the average person in the country. That’s according to global sustainability body the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), which suggests almost 70% environment and sustainability professionals say they are satisfied or highly satisfied in their jobs. The report […]

UK’s new nuclear builds set to double jobs

Jobs in the UK’s civil nuclear sector are set to double. That’s according to new figures from the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA), which suggest the UK’s new build programme means employment in the field will rise from 65,000 to more than 130,000. Combined, the Hinkley Point C, Wylfa Newydd and Moorside projects are expected to […]

US backtrack on clean power laws ‘could cost $52bn’

The US could miss out on $52 billion (£40.8bn) and 560,000 new jobs by 2030 if it successfully backtracks on its Clean Power Plan (CPP). That’s according to a new report from business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), which also shows incremental energy efficiency savings through the plan could reduce annual average household electricity bills by 7%. […]

Greening production ‘will create jobs and growth’

The UN’s labour and employment division says greening production will create jobs and strong, balanced growth. A new report from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) suggests despite fears of job losses in traditional energy industries, the net impact of climate change mitigation upon employment can be positive. The ILO’s review found employment could rise by […]

Isle of Wight wind farm developer ‘must come clean on jobs claim’

The developer of a proposed wind farm off the Dorset and Isle of Wight coasts are being urged to “come clean” about the number of jobs the project will create. It comes after Navitus Bay Development Ltd (NBDL), a joint venture between EDF Energy Renewables and Eneco Wind UK, said it will support a minimum of […]

More young people working in oil and gas

Fears the oil and gas sector is failing to attract young workers will be set at ease as new figures show at least twice as many ‘twentysomethings’ work in offshore oil and gas than 60-65 year-olds. Trade body Oil & Gas UK says there are two and a half times as many workers aged between […]

UK low carbon market shows £5.4bn growth

UK low carbon environmental goods and services (LCEGS) increased in sales by £5.4 billion last year from £116.8bn in 2009/10 to £122bn in 2010/11, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills revealed this week. The volume of UK LCEGS Employment for 2010/11 reached 939,627, compared with the 2009/10 figure of 914,273. BIS said the statistics […]

Energy sector could benefit from change to education, says recruitment specialist

More needs to be done to encourage young people to develop the necessary skills they need to find jobs in the energy sector. That’s the message from a recruitment boss, who says the UK Government needs to do more to stimulate the skills the UK needs. Paul Flynn, Managing Director of specialist offshore recruiters Earthstaff […]