Taskforce calls for mandated carbon data monitoring for a digitalised net zero energy system

Energy Digitalisation Taskforce calls for greater control for consumers over their data

A mandate on carbon data monitoring should be introduced if the UK wants to hit net zero.

That’s just one of the recommendations of the government, Ofgem and Innovate UK-commissioned Energy Digitalisation Taskforce which has published today its report setting out recommendations for a digitalised and decarbonised energy system.

It said carbon data monitoring could improve understanding around carbon impacts and ultimately help drive consumer actions.

Named “Delivering a Digitalised Energy System”, the report also calls for greater control for consumers over their data to build trust.

Among the Taskforce’s recommendations is the development of a ‘customer consent dashboard’ to help consumers understand who has access to their energy data and why.

It also urges for a minimum level of smart functionality and connectivity of consumer devices.

Laura Sandys, Chair of the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce and non-executive Director at Energy Systems Catapult, said: “Digitalisation is no longer a nice to have – it’s essential in decarbonising Britain’s energy system, and will need deeply embedding into our energy system if we’re to meet our ambitious and legally-binding net zero targets.

“Without digitalisation the system will not be able to manage the growing complexities of a decarbonised system.”

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