UK unveils energy cafes and ‘green doctors’ to slash bills

The government has backed schemes offering personalised advice to increase energy bill savings

Charities and community groups can access £3m Ofgem funds

Charities and community groups across England, Scotland and Wales are invited to bid for £3 million in funding from the Ofgem Energy Redress Scheme’s fifth funding round

Industry reacts to ESO’s energy scenarios report

Industry trade associations have raised concerns about the sluggish progress in decarbonising heat, engaging consumers and promoting flexibility in the energy sector

Energy industry responds to new energy price cap

The industry has welcomed the fall in the energy price cap, however, it highlighted that energy bills will still be nearly double what they were just 18 months ago

Organisations awarded £9.7m through Ofgem Redress Scheme

The funding aims to address the challenges faced by individuals and communities impacted by the energy crisis

Mini electric heater ads banned

Ads have claimed that these devices are cheaper to run and could save consumers money

Charities to be awarded £3m to protect most vulnerable amid energy crisis

Community groups can apply for grants to deliver energy-related projects

What next Prime Minister?

Liz Truss has said the energy crisis is her top priority so what’s the industry want her to do?

Councils supercharged with £20m EV charging investment

The scheme will support EV charging infrastructure in nine local authorities

Ofgem to fund charities and community energy groups with £27m

The funding will support vulnerable customers and decarbonisation projects