20% of products ‘don’t match energy efficiency claims’

One in five energy-using products such as fridges, washing machines, televisions and laptops claim to be more energy efficient than they actually are, new research claims. The Energy Saving Trust is launching a three-year programme to carry out over 300 inspections in shops and 300 in online stores and conduct lab tests to verify the […]

Think a computer screensaver saves energy? Think again

Are you being fooled by an energy saving myth? If you thought computer screensavers save energy, you’re not alone – 30% of the UK public think the same. That’s according to the Energy Saving Trust which has released a list of 10 common myths that mean people waste money on energy rather than save it. […]

‘Majority of Brits’ switching on energy-saving bulbs

The UK is one of the top five EU nations embracing energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) but is however lagging behind in switching to LEDs. According to a survey from the Energy Saving Trust, nine out of 10 Brits (88%) are buying CFL bulbs – with the aim of cutting energy costs – putting […]

£1m for greener social housing in Scotland

The Scottish Government has announced £1 million of extra funding for the Green Homes Cashback scheme, extending the programme to social housing provided by local authorities and housing associations. Launched in 2012 and managed by the Energy Saving Trust, the scheme gives homeowners cash to make green home improvements such as insulation, new boilers, better […]

London firms could save £200m if just 10% used electric vans

London businesses could save almost £200 million if just 10% switched to using electric vans according to figures released by the Energy Saving Trust. The body’s analysis of business fleets found individual businesses could save 75% on fuel costs by using the plug rather than the pump. It said tax breaks through the 100% capital […]

Switch to EVs could save Scots £220m

Drivers in Scotland could save almost £220 million every year by switching to electric vehicles (EVs). The nation currently spends £270 million a year – or £740,000 a day – commuting by car, which could potentially fall by around 80% to £137,000 per day if it adopted EVs, new research has found. Mike Thornton, Director […]

Solar panels could help Scots earn ‘£580 a year’

Scottish households could earn as much as £580 every year by installing solar panels in their homes, new research claims. The figure includes £410 from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, £64 from exporting renewable energy to the grid and £105 from savings on energy bills – bringing the total to £197 million a year and […]

Heat pumps could save homes as much as £3,000 a year

UK householders could earn between £1,350 and £3,000 a year in savings and income by installing heat pumps in their homes. A new study by the Energy Saving Trust found the efficiency of heat pumps has improved and that well installed and operated heat pumps perform to a “very high standard” in homes. It claims […]

Social landlords win share of £7m for renewable heating

The Government has awarded a share of £7 million to 46 social landlords to get renewable heating into the homes of their tenants. The winners are the first wave of successful bidders to be announced under the latest round of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) competition launched earlier this year. The figure is £4 […]

Showers the biggest user of water in homes

You’d be forgiven for thinking washing machines or dishwashers waste the most water – but showers are actually the biggest water use in the home, it was revealed today. Showers make up a quarter (25%) of household’s water consumption while toilets are the second largest water waster (22%). The statistics come from a survey of […]