Innovation competition opens for smart heating and cooling

The Energy Systems Catapult is launching a new programme to help small and medium-sized enterprises improve and develop their technologies

Energy supplier offers ‘heating plan’ tailored to consumers’ needs

The new approach is designed to give people greater control over cost when it comes to heating

Creating demand ‘key to attracting investment in innovation’

  If the energy system wants to attract investment in innovative technologies, it has to create domestic demand of their services. That’s the view of Grant Bourhill, Chief Operating Officer at Energy Systems Catapult, who believes the end user is not taken into account in the debate about innovation. Speaking to ELN, he said: “I […]

IET extends collaboration with UK energy centre

The Institution of Energy and Technology (IET) has extended its collaboration with a UK technology and innovation centre. It will work with the Energy Systems Catapult which was created by the government’s Innovate UK to help the creation of a clean, intelligent energy system for the country. The innovation centre was set up in response to […]

Innovation key ‘to meeting UK’s 2050 energy targets’

Innovation will be “absolutely fundamental” if the UK is to meet its 2050 energy and carbon targets. That’s the view of Philip New, CEO of Energy Systems Catapult, who believes innovation in the industry will help transform the energy system. Speaking to ELN at the Rushlight event yesterday, he said: “That’s not just technology innovation, […]