ASDA criticised for using “climate-damaging” air con systems at some of its stores

The retail giant has installed cooling units using a potent climate-harming refrigerant, an international NGO has claimed

Supermarket fridge doors could save nearly 1% of UK electricity use

By adding fridge doors supermarkets could slash their electricity bills by nearly 33%, new research estimates

Unexpected CFC emissions from China last year ‘could delay ozone recovery’

A new study suggests 830,000 tonnes of CFC-11 stored in foam products created up until 2017 could have a warming effect equivalent of almost four billion tonnes of carbon dioxide

Tesco fails climate-friendly refrigeration target

Giant retailer Tesco has failed to meet its target of using climate-friendly technology in its stores, a new report suggests. The ‘Chilling Facts’ report by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) shows although supermarket chains across the UK and Europe have moved away from using refrigeration systems that use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) or ‘super greenhouse gases’, Tesco […]

Climate group urges ban on dodgy emissions trading credits

An international climate group is urging UN countries to ban a type of emissions credit that it claims doesn’t actually cut emissions and is allegedly open to abuse. The call comes as UN climate change negotiators, the UNFCCC, meet in Durban this week. The Environmental Investigation Agency wants countries to reject credits sold for the […]