Electric vehicle charging
EIB charges up Spanish EV development with €17m of new funding

The money is being offered to QEV Technologies to support its research and development activities surrounding electric powertrains, fast charging systems and electric racing technologies

Bill Gates and EIB agree to accelerate support for tackling climate change

Speaking with EIB President Werner Hoyer earlier today, Bill gates stressed the importance of close cooperation between philanthropy and public finance

EU Bank lends €136m to modernise Ukraine’s energy infrastructure

The money will help upgrade 12 electricity substations and establish a modern energy communication system

EIB signs €100m loan for green buildings in Copenhagen

Property developer Fastighets AB Balder says they will significantly exceed the nation’s nearly-zero-energy-building (NZEB) standards

EIB provided record billion Euros of new solar last year

The EU’s bank provided more than a billion dollars worth of funding for solar energy projects around the world in 2017

Finance options explored for Hungarian smart cities

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed an agreement with a Hungarian bank and investment hub to explore the feasibility of creating a smart city and transport investment hub in the country. It will work with the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH) and Hungary’s Development Bank (MFB) to identify how to capitalise on the nation’s […]

Gas-powered buses hit the streets of Palma

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to provide a €30 million (£26.3m) loan to replace buses in Palma de Mallorca with less polluting gas-powered models. The money will help transport firm Empresa Municipal de Transportes swap its existing diesel-powered vehicles with newer, safer and cleaner compressed natural gas (CNG) versions. The agreement, which was […]

EU bank confirms €800m for Indian solar

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has confirmed €800 million (£715.5m) of funding to support solar energy in India. The funding for India will support small scale projects across the nation. The organisation has also partnered with the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to mobilise finance with the purpose of developing and deploying affordable solar energy in […]

EU funds four French energy projects with €100m

Four innovative energy projects in France have received finance worth a total of €100 million (£89.4m). The funding for new energy technologies comes as part of the Investment Plan for Europe, known as the Juncker Plan and was provided by the EU’s European Investment Bank (EIB). The bank has awarded €20 million (£17.9m) to CS Communication […]

EU bank provides €12.4bn for transport and energy

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved €12.4 billion (£11.1bn) of financing for 63 new transport and renewable energy schemes. The funding aims to improve the efficiency of the rail, road, air and maritime sectors, pay for new renewable energy projects and boost the security of energy supply. Around €4.3 billion (£3.8bn) of the new financing will be devoted to […]