SOLARWATT kits out poultry farm with egg-citing new solar roof

The firm has installed a solar system made up of 256 photovoltaic modules on the roof of the energy-efficient facility

Pioneering Local Energy Market trial in Cornwall

ELN’s Priyanka Shrestha visited Cornwall to find out more about the pioneering trial and what it means for the low carbon transition

UK’s largest solar farm ‘could cover area of 900 football pitches’

The Sunnica Energy Farm has been proposed for construction on the border between West Suffolk and Cambridgeshire

Solar farms ‘generate wide range of benefits for local ecosystems’

The Solar Trade Association says well-designed and well-managed solar farms frequently deliver broad benefits for biodiversity and sustainable agriculture across the UK

Scottish chickens cooperate to generate eggcellent amount of energy

More than 128,000 hens at the Glenhead of Aldouran farm in Stranraer create enough manure to provide a reliable energy feedstock for the farm

German investment firm buys onshore wind farm in Finland

The purchase of the 14.4MW facility marks Aquila Capital’s first wind investment in the country

Scottish wind farm refused planning consent

A Scottish wind farm has been refused planning consent. Following a public enquiry, Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, decided the proposed Keirs Hill project in East Ayrshire would impact too heavily on the surrounding area to go ahead. The 17-turbine wind farm was judged too tall as well as being […]

Tory MPs call on PM to use EU farming subsidies to protect the environment

A total of 36 Conservative MPs are urging Theresa May to shift billions of pounds of post-Brexit farm subsidies towards protecting the environment. Through the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), UK farmers receive £3 billion annually. In a letter, the Tory MPs are calling on the Prime Minister to “take advantage of the repatriation of CAP by shifting […]

Amazon plans Virginia’s largest solar project

Amazon has teamed up with a green energy development firm to build an 80MW solar farm in Virginia. Amazon Solar Farm US East is expected to generate around 170,000MWh of electricity a year from October 2016 – the equivalent of powering 15,000 homes. It is being developed as part of a joint venture with Community Energy and will […]

Nottingham waste and maize energy plant opens

A power plant fuelled by farm waste, manure and maize opened in Nottinghamshire yesterday. The new plant – built on a 2,500-acre family farm itself – uses anaerobic digestion (AD) to break the fuel into a biogas and then burns that to generate electricity. Developers say it is the UK’s largest on-farm AD facility to […]