Pioneering Local Energy Market trial in Cornwall

ELN’s Priyanka Shrestha visited Cornwall to find out more about the pioneering trial and what it means for the low carbon transition

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Centrica is working on a pioneering £19 million trial in Cornwall, testing the use of flexible demand, generation and storage across both the domestic and business sectors.

Under the Local Energy Market initiative, the energy giant has installed technologies like battery storage, solar panels and smart energy devices in 150 homes and businesses and is exploring how decentralised flexible assets can work together in local energy systems, reducing strain on the grid at peak times and maximising the productivity of low carbon generation assets.

It has also created a virtual marketplace that provides participants with a platform to buy and sell energy and flexibility both to the grid and the wholesale energy market.

ELN spoke to representatives from Centrica, two businesses as well as homeowners who are taking part in the trial.

Watch the full video to find out more.

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