UK to halt water boss bonuses over environmental breaches

The Environment Secretary has announced a crackdown on water company executives’ bonuses tied to criminal breaches, aiming to ensure accountability and deter illegal behaviour

Thames Water to slash 300 jobs in bid to tackle £14bn debt

The water supplier is set to cut jobs, primarily in its retail and digital divisions, as part of a broader effort to enhance financial stability

EDF Energy and OVO join appeal against Ofgem’s decision

The suppliers have been granted permission by the Competition and Markets Authority to intervene in Utilita’s appeal against Ofgem’s decision to implement minimum capital requirements for energy suppliers

Ofgem labels Utilita’s CMA challenge ‘ill-founded’

The energy regulator has strongly criticised Utilita’s challenge to their decision to introduce minimum capital requirements for energy suppliers

Ofgem faces heat as energy supplier challenges new capital rules

Utilita alleges Ofgem jeopardises smaller firms with £115 per customer capital buffer mandate

Ofgem takes aim at energy profiteering

The boss of the energy regulator Ofgem has emphasised the need for energy companies to prioritise customers and prevent excessive costs

Ofwat ex-boss: “I will not apologise for my role as Chief Executive”

Cathryn Ross, now serving as interim co-chief executive of Thames Water, faced scrutiny from MPs for her role in approving the 2014 price review that contributed to Thames Water’s financial struggles

Thames Water secures £750m cash injection

The water supplier has warned, however, it needs an additional £2.5 billion in equity funding in the coming years to support its turnaround and future growth plans

Ofwat grilled over Thames Water’s financial crisis

The chief of Ofwat has admitted that the regulator should have intervened earlier to prevent water companies, including Thames Water, from accumulating excessive debt

Business energy consultancy falls into administration

Utility Bidder has been appointed to support the failed company’s customers