Drax faces questions over wood sourcing

According to a BBC investigation, Drax, benefitting from £6 billion in UK green subsidies, has been burning wood sourced from some of the planet’s most valuable forests

‘UK trees absorb double the carbon we thought’

That’s the view of scientists who have looked into how much is stored in branches and trunks

EU bans goods linked to deforestation

New checks will now be in place before items are imported onto the continent – to understand their impact on forestry

Drax issues new statement on BBC Panorama’s ‘green energy scandal’ claims

A BBC programme had previously alleged that Drax was chopping trees from primary forests to use them as wood pellets in its power station

Drax cuts down primary forests in Canada, BBC investigation finds

BBC Panorama claims that some of the wood pellets which are being burnt at Drax Power Station to produce electricity come from primary forests in Canada

Wood you beli-EV it!

A partnership has been launched to develop wood-based batteries

Welsh Santa’s bag has only trees inside!

Every household in Wales will be offered a tree to plant

New forest to be created in North East to promote a ‘greener future’

Enough trees are set to be planted to cover 35 football pitches in the first year, after receiving £480k in funding from Defra’s Nature for Climate Fund

Better managed peatlands ‘could slash half a billion tonnes of CO2’

A new study suggests human activity is becoming an obstacle to harnessing the full potential of peatlands in carbon sequestration

Climate change means parts of UK could see ‘exceptional danger’ from wildfires

Parts of eastern and southern England could face the highest threat level several days a year, according to a new report