Yorkshire Water branches out to plant one million trees

Working with Yorkshire Water and Forest of Bradford, it aims to protect against floods and build a carbon sink

Wood you believe this new clean energy forestry partnership?

Ecotricity is partnering with the National Forest Company to help develop British woodland

Impacts of EU deforestation ‘must not be hidden’

EU countries should not be allowed to hide the impacts of forest policies that increase net carbon dioxide emissions. That’s according to an open letter written by a group of environmental scientists, led by Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Dr Joanna House from the University of Bristol. EU forests grow more than they are harvested, […]

Space Agency returns to earth to protect forests

A Scottish firm has secured a £14.2 million contract from the UK Space Agency to monitor and protect rainforests. Sustainability software and developer Ecometrica won the work from the agency’s recently launched International Partnership Programme (IPP). The IPP aims to bring together expertise from the British space industry to provide green, economic or social benefits to underdeveloped […]

McDonald’s pledges to fight deforestation

McDonald’s has announced a global commitment on deforestation. The pledge came after the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, which called for global companies and organisations to ‘do their part’ in an effort to end natural forest loss by 2030. The pledge includes all the company’s products and focuses on beef, fibre-based packaging, coffee, palm oil and poultry. […]