UK’s fusion energy programme gains momentum

The UK Atomic Energy Authority and Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to develop a prototype fusion energy plant

UK’s Tokamak Energy to test fusion magnets in US power plant

The tests aim to ensure the magnets can withstand the conditions required to confine and control hydrogen fuel for clean fusion energy

West Burton A coal power station shuts downs after 57 years of operation

The power station generated a total of 491,792GWh of electricity over its 57 years of operation, equivalent to powering 164 million homes for a year

UK closer to ‘cheap, abundant’ energy

Tokamak Energy’s advanced fusion prototype will be built at the UKAEA’s Culham campus

‘Super’ magnets for UK fusion power plant testing unveiled

The magnets built by Tokamak Energy are expected to support the deployment of low-cost spherical tokamak power plants

Fusion in the UK takes another step forward

Tokamak Energy announces collaboration with UK Atomic Energy Authority on developing fusion energy

New transatlantic agreement to advance commercial fusion energy

The UK Atomic Energy Authority and Commonwealth Fusion Systems will support the ‘fastest path’ to low carbon fusion energy, based on the same processes that power the sun and stars

UK’s fusion is not a snake in the grass!

The UK Atomic Energy Authority has unveiled a ‘robotic snake’ to support fusion energy plants in environments hazardous to humans

Small US businesses granted $53m for clean energy and climate solutions

It will support 259 projects across 38 states that cover security and resilience, renewable energy, energy storage, carbon capture and conversion and fusion energy

Commercial fusion energy reaches new milestone

Oxford-based firm Tokamak Energy has said it reached a plasma temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius