JET fusion tests: Neutron impact on electronics

The Joint European Torus facility is conducting experiments to investigate how high-energy neutrons, generated during fusion, affect electronics

UK’s Tokamak Energy to test fusion magnets in US power plant

The tests aim to ensure the magnets can withstand the conditions required to confine and control hydrogen fuel for clean fusion energy

West Burton A coal power station shuts downs after 57 years of operation

The power station generated a total of 491,792GWh of electricity over its 57 years of operation, equivalent to powering 164 million homes for a year

UK nuclear plant robots to clean up the big space mess!

The UK Atomic Energy Authority is working on a robotics solution, previously used in nuclear reactors, that could reduce space litter

UK to build first fusion prototype plant by 2040

West Burton has been picked as the home for the UK’s first STEP plant

Prince Charles gets fusion energy demonstration

His Royal Highness witnessed the largest operating tokamak in action and discussed the low carbon energy mix of the future

COP26: Is fusion energy the future of the low carbon world?

Scientists and engineers will speak later today at the conference to world leaders, persuading them of the power fusion energy can provide in the net zero transition – but what is it?

UKAEA outlines roadmap to accelerate development of fusion power plants

The UK Atomic Energy Authority has identified five priorities on work for necessary component materials

Nuclear fusion power plant to receive ‘world’s most powerful’ magnet

The magnet is so powerful that could lift an aircraft carrier two metres into the air

Government launches search for locations to home prototype fusion energy plant

The Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production project is targeted for completion by 2040 and will be delivered through the UK Atomic Energy Authority