Centrica’s Rough boosts UK grid amid high energy demand

Centrica’s Rough, the UK’s largest gas storage facility, has released stored gas to meet the heightened heating demand during the current cold weather, marking the first release this winter

Northern Ireland achieves ‘historic’ biomethane grid injection

The first direct-to-grid injection on the island of Ireland, occurred in Co. Tyrone within the Evolve network

National Gas mulls paying households to reduce heating

National Gas is reportedly considering offering payments to households in exchange for reducing heating usage to mitigate potential gas shortages

AstraZeneca strikes UK biogas deal

The new partnership will involve the transfer of 100,000MWh of domestically generated biomethane from Future Biogas’ anaerobic digestion facilities to AstraZeneca’s UK sites via the national gas grid

‘Gas grid shutdown could cost UK homes £2,300 each’

Leaked reports reveal the potential challenges and uncertainties surrounding the shutdown of the UK’s gas grid in the pursuit of net zero emissions

Potential takeover of UK gas grid ‘raises concerns’

Australian banking firm Macquarie could reportedly take full control of the UK’s gas grid in a £3 billion deal

No opt-out option for Redcar hydrogen trial

Residents in Redcar, Teesside will not be allowed to opt out of a hydrogen heating trial project, despite opposition from critics

UK pressured to okay hydrogen blending in household gas network

The UK’s Hydrogen Champion has called for greater clarity on hydrogen investment opportunities

‘Boiler ban could leave rural homes in fuel poverty’

Nearly 58% of households not connected to the gas grid believe the government’s 2026 boiler ban is unfair, new poll shows

National Grid gas business sale to complete next month

Macquarie and British Columbia are set to become the new majority owners of National Grid’s gas unit