Infrastructure fund buys 70% stake in anaerobic digestion plant

The facility has a thermal capacity of around 10MW and a waste processing capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes per annum

UK Government ‘should promote hydrogen as a way of storing energy’

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers says government and industry should work towards the use of 20% hydrogen in the gas distribution network by 2023

Converting to green gas grid ‘could be vital’

Converting to a low carbon gas grid could be a vital part of the UK’s decarbonisation journey. That’s according to a new report published by think tank Policy Connect and forum Carbon Connect, in collaboration with a cross-party group of politicians and the energy sector. It suggests the low carbon gases of greatest interest are […]

New plans to introduce hydrogen in North West gas grid

New proposals to introduce hydrogen into the gas network in North West England has been unveiled. Cadent, formerly National Grid Gas Distribution, said that is part of its plans to transform the energy system and help decarbonise heat. Its study explains how hydrogen could be used in place of natural gas to power industry in […]

Gas connections could save fuel poor

Simply connecting more people to the gas grid could lift thousands out of fuel poverty and save them £900 annually. The Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) says 140,000 families a year could be lifted out of fuel poverty simply by targeting support to connect fuel poor homes to the gas grid. In their latest report, […]

Could Hydrogen lighten the grid’s load?

Proposals for the UK gas grid to undergo a full conversion to hydrogen have been put forward. The H21 Leeds City Gate report, launched by consortium of power companies lead by Northern Gas Networks, suggests that the process would provide a major step towards meeting the UK’s carbon reduction targets and be just as safe […]

More fuel poor homes to be connected to gas grid

Ofgem has revealed plans to connect more households to the gas grid in a bid to reduce fuel poverty. Network companies will have to deliver more than 90,000 – or 18% more – fuel poor connections by 2021. The change, including a number of other revisions to the Fuel Poor Network Extension Scheme, will come […]

New off-gas grid map targets fuel poor

A new online map showing all UK postcodes not connected to the gas network has been unveiled. The Off-Gas Grid Map is a new initiative aimed at tackling fuel poverty in the country. The database aims to make it easier for organisations with the funding to target the fuel poor and connect them to the […]

Egypt lent $500m to expand natural gas access

The World Bank has approved a $500 million (£295m) loan for a project that aims to connect 1.5 million homes in Egypt to the gas grid. The Egypt Household Natural Gas Connection Project will support the Government’s effort to replace household use of imported Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) with grid-connected natural gas. Currently more than […]

Heat is the ‘Cinderella’ of energy industry

The heat sector in the UK “is in some ways the ‘Cinderella’ part” of the energy industry. That’s the view of Dan Byles MP, Member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, who believes although heat is a “huge part” of the nation’s energy use, it hasn’t been given as much attention as the […]