Hydrogen to be transported through 29-km Scottish pipeline

INEOS has launched a trial to transport hydrogen into the gas grid through a decommissioned pipeline in Scotland

Ukraine’s gas transportation facilities invaded by Russian troops

The attack poses a threat to gas transportation in Ukraine and Europe, Ukrainian authorities have said

Homes to cut their energy bills through government energy efficiency boost

Insulation and low carbon heating measures will be installed as part of new £67m government investment

Energy bills ‘could jump by 16% with hydrogen blend’

Blending 20% hydrogen into the gas grid could see industrial customers’ energy bills surge 24%, according to new research

UK’s gas grid ready for 20% hydrogen blend from next year

The 20% blend is forecast to reduce the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of taking 2.5 million cars off roads

Cows ‘could bring clean heat to 750,000 UK homes’

Almost 109 biomethane green gas production sites are currently connected to Britain’s gas grid, new report suggests

First UK homes heated with hydrogen in latest demonstration

The ‘HyStreet’ test site consists of specially-built demonstration houses, with more than 200 tests completed to research and prove the safety of converting homes and gas networks to hydrogen

Infrastructure fund buys 70% stake in anaerobic digestion plant

The facility has a thermal capacity of around 10MW and a waste processing capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes per annum

UK Government ‘should promote hydrogen as a way of storing energy’

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers says government and industry should work towards the use of 20% hydrogen in the gas distribution network by 2023

Converting to green gas grid ‘could be vital’

Converting to a low carbon gas grid could be a vital part of the UK’s decarbonisation journey. That’s according to a new report published by think tank Policy Connect and forum Carbon Connect, in collaboration with a cross-party group of politicians and the energy sector. It suggests the low carbon gases of greatest interest are […]