General election ‘has increased energy investment risks’

  The main problem caused by the general election is that is has created more risk at a time when large energy investments are urgently required. That’s according to Jeremy Nicholson, Director of the Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG), who spoke to ELN outside Westminster Palace last Friday following the results of the national vote. He said: “Of […]

Industry reacts to general election results

The industry has reacted to news of a hung Parliament in a shocking election twist. Theresa May has said she will put together a government with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) that can provide “certainty” for the future. Her announcement comes as the Tories needed 326 seats to win a majority but […]

Hung Parliament: Uncertainty looms for energy sector

The UK election has ended in a hung Parliament in an election twist today. The Conservatives secured 42.4% of the votes winning 318 seats, while Labour at 40% ended with 262 seats. The Lib Dems stand at 7.4% with 12 seats, the Green Party at 1.6% and the Scottish National Party at 3%. Prime Minister […]

UK energy businesses ‘most concerned about Brexit’

The biggest concern for Britain’s energy businesses in the next year is leaving the EU. According to new data from npower Business Solutions, 28% of corporate decision makers said Brexit is their largest concern, with 53% citing unexpected costs to their business as the most common reason for this, closely followed by an inability to forward […]

UKIP pledges to withdraw from Paris deal, repeal Climate Change Act

The UK Independent Party (UKIP) has vowed to withdraw from the Paris agreement and repeal the Climate Change Act if it wins the general election. It believes the Act, which it claims will cost the UK around £319 million, “has no basis in science” and its aim of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by […]

Plaid Cymru pledges to create Welsh energy firm

Plaid Cymru has pledged to create a not-for-profit Welsh energy company to reduce gas and electricity bills for consumers. It believes energy bills are “needlessly high” despite Wales being an exporter of electricity. Its manifesto states it will use the profits from Wales’ abundant renewable resources to cut the cost of energy for consumers and […]

Industry reacts to Conservative manifesto

The official release of the Conservative Party’s election manifesto has already gathered a variety of reactions from the UK’s energy industry. It outlines a series of proposals for the sector, including making the UK’s energy costs more affordable and competitive, increasing the fairness of the retail market, continuing to pursue offshore wind, encouraging the fracking […]

UK ‘must maintain climate change commitments’

A renewable energy industry body has said the UK must maintain its commitments to climate change targets. Scottish Renewables’ manifesto, launched ahead of the general election next month, details how it thinks the government can best ensure affordable energy and clean growth in the future. It highlights the importance of unlocking investment in the lowest-cost […]

Metro mayors urged to make UK cities green

A coalition of environmental organisations is calling on incoming metro mayors to take urgent action to green their cities. The call from groups, including the National Trust, Green Alliance and the Campaign for Better Transport, comes as England’s first ever metro mayors are being elected in six city regions today ahead of the general election. […]

Election debate should be about ‘more than just energy tariffs’

The energy policy debate in the run up to the general election should be about more than just tariffs. That’s the view of the Energy Networks Association (ENA), which is calling on politicians for a greater focus on infrastructure. It suggests the transition towards a smarter, flexible and integrated energy system “offers exciting opportunities” and […]