Biomethane now valid for emissions reporting

Grid-injected biomethane gas is now eligible for company emissions reporting. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol – the global standard against which large organisations measure, manage and report greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) – has recognised that Green Gas Certificates, issued by its scheme, can support a business’s reporting of onsite GHG emissions. Through the use of these new certificates, which track […]

UK businesses get green gas options

UK businesses can now choose to get 100% of their gas from green sources. Total Gas & Power have released the Eco-Energy gas option alongside their existing Eco-Energy electricity contracts for small and medium sized businesses. These options allow customers to get all of their power from renewable sources in the UK. Dave Cranfield, General Manager […]

Sainsbury’s uses green gas to power UK stores

A number of Sainsbury’s supermarkets across the UK are now being powered by green gas. Recycler ReFood collects food waste from two of the retailer’s depots in Sherburn-in-Elmet and Haydock and converts them into gas, heat and fertiliser at its anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities. The gas is then exported to the national grid. According to […]

Green gas ‘could produce equivalent of 45 LNG tankers’

Green gas has the potential to produce the equivalent of more than a quarter of the UK’s Liqueified Natural Gas (LNG) imports. That’s according to a report by the Renewable Energy Association (REA) which stated 45 LNG tankers worth of biomethane could be produced by 2035. That’s 40TWh of power per year injected directly into […]

Green gas subsidy chop mulled

Exactly how much cash will be put on the table in future for biomethane or “green gas” is being mulled over by the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Biomethane is biogas – with the carbon dioxide removed – which in turn comes from animal or plant waste. It can be pumped into the national […]

Labour favours “green gas” after election

If Labour wins the next election it will make a song and dance about “green gas” as a cheap and green source of heating. That’s according to the party’s Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint, who gave a speech yesterday describing green gas as a “big overlooked area” in energy policy. Ms Flint said: “If we […]