North Kensington heat network secures government funding

Air source heat pumps and an electric boiler will provide heating and hot water to nearly 826 homes

EU approves €254m Romanian aid to upgrade district heating system

The district heating system in Bucharest is the largest of its kind in the EU and the second largest in the world, serving 1.2m people

Claire Perry urges heat network operators to join voluntary trust scheme

The Heat Trust is an independent organisation seeking to drive up standards of performance of heat networks and improve the customer experience

New €400m ‘fossil free’ district heating networks planned for Amsterdam

People in the city currently receive part of their heating and hot water needs from Vattenfall’s Diemen power station

Spain taken to EU Court over heating and hot water metering failings

The Commission said the country has not complied with the rules under the Energy Efficiency Directive

Hamburg to buy district heating network from Vattenfall for €950m

The Swedish power company currently owns 74.9% while the city holds a 25.1% minority stake

CMA: Ofgem should regulate UK heat networks

The competition watchdog believes customers on heat networks have less protection if things go wrong

Heat networks should be regulated, says competition watchdog

Its investigation found heat network customers are not getting the same levels of protection that gas and electricity customers receive

Tool to compare heating and hot water costs launched

A calculator which allows customers under district heating schemes to compare the cost of their heating against a conventional system has been launched. Heat Trust, led by industry which sets customer service standards, has created the tool which aims to improve transparency in the sector by increasing public access to information on heating and hot […]

Could a ‘fridge’ save money on your hot water costs?

A new renewable technology could help consumers save money on their hot water costs. Called the ‘Little Thermodynamic Box’, it is an air source heat pump which works like a fridge in reverse. It has panels which absorbs heat from the surrounding atmosphere and uses the energy to heat hot water. The company, called Magic […]