Could Britain follow Germany’s lead on banning hot water?

Concerns have been raised over potential energy rationing to help the country beat a potential energy crunch

Could Britain be forced to tell people to turn off the hot water in a bid to save the country’s gas stocks?

On Friday, a German city unveiled plans to turn off hot water in public buildings, swimming pools, sports halls and gyms.

Asked about whether similar measures implemented across the UK could affect the energy prices customers pay for energy this winter, Robert Buckley from Cornwall Insight said: “It might make a difference. I think what you raise is a really good point and we are in danger of running into this voluntarily because there is also a cost of business doing crisis here because of these energy cost increases.

“We will go into a period where energy prices may be for businesses five, six or seven times where they have been historically and what you will end up there is that businesses can’t afford to run. And actually businesses might themselves decide not to heat swimming pools or whatever.

“So, I think that the Germans are having this conversation is really constructive for them. And it’s a conversation that actually we should be having more over here.”

Martin Lewis, the Founder of Money Saving Expert also called for a new government support package before the new Prime Minister is elected.

A BEIS spokesperson told ELN: “The UK’s secure and diverse energy supplies will ensure households, businesses and industry can be confident they can get the electricity and gas they need.

“Britain is at a strategic advantage compared to other European countries through access to our own North Sea gas reserves, steady imports from reliable partners like Norway, the second largest LNG port infrastructure in Europe and a gas supply underpinned by robust legal contracts.

“Thanks to a massive £90 billion investment in clean energy in the last decade, we have one of the most reliable and diverse energy systems in the world and unlike Europe, we are not dependent on Russian energy imports.”

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