Spain taken to EU Court over heating and hot water metering failings

The Commission said the country has not complied with the rules under the Energy Efficiency Directive

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The European Commission has decided to refer Spain to the EU Court of Justice over heating and hot water metering failings.

The Commission said it has not complied with the requirements on individual metering in multi-apartment and multi-purpose buildings under the Energy Efficiency Directive.

The policy requires the installation of individual meters for heating, cooling and domestic hot water for all multi-apartment and multi-purpose buildings where occupants are supplied with these services from a collective installation such as a common boiler.

The rule applies for all existing buildings, “where it is technically feasible and cost efficient”.

However, the Commission said Spain imposes this requirement only with regard to new buildings, i.e. those built after 2007.

It added: “In buildings where heat meters are not a technically feasible or cost-effective solution for space heating, so-called heat cost allocators mounted on each radiator must instead be used. This requirement has also not been correctly transposed by Spain. The respective EU rules had to be implemented into national law by 5 June 2014.

The Commission opened the EU infringement proceedings against Spain by sending a letter of formal notice in October 2017, followed by a “reasoned opinion” in March 2018.

The EU has also taken Italy to Court over air pollution and wastewater failings.

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