UK businesses unite to drive green hydrogen rollout

Giants, including Airbus, Tata Steel and London City Airport urge the government to secure a strategic advantage for the UK in pioneering green hydrogen technologies

Wood and SGN turn up the heat

Wood has partnered with SGN for extensive pre-FEED studies to determine the route and design of new hydrogen pipelines and associated transmission infrastructure

Europe’s hydrogen installed capacity to skyrocket by 800% in 2023

The UK and Germany are expected to play a crucial role in boosting the total hydrogen capacity in Europe, according to a new report

UK and UAE strike energy investment deal

The deal underscores the collaboration on renewables and hydrogen technology

US unveils $29bn energy budget

US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu has said that America wants to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world when it comes to sustainability. He was speaking as he unveiled President Barack Obama’s $29.5bn (£18.2bn) energy budget. Mr Chu said: “The United States faces a choice today: will we lead in innovation and […]