UK businesses unite to drive green hydrogen rollout

Giants, including Airbus, Tata Steel and London City Airport urge the government to secure a strategic advantage for the UK in pioneering green hydrogen technologies

Leading UK businesses, including Airbus, Air Products, Associated British Ports, London City Airport, Tata Steel and World Kinect have joined forces to form the Green Hydrogen Alliance (GHA).

The alliance aims to accelerate the rollout of green hydrogen technologies in the UK, ensuring the country remains competitive in decarbonisation efforts.

With an advisory board consisting of Cranfield University and the Thames Estuary Growth Board, the GHA will focus on promoting the potential applications of green hydrogen in various sectors, from aviation and transportation to industrial usage and power decarbonisation.

The GHA has emphasised the need for the government to secure a strategic advantage in green hydrogen technology, urging the implementation of policies that support its development.

The alliance has recognised the ambitious target of 5GW of electrolytic hydrogen production by 2030 set by the government but has stressed the importance of moving further and faster to fully unlock the benefits of green hydrogen.

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