Thames Water boss resigns with immediate effect

Sarah Bentley, CEO of the UK’s largest water company, has said she will support her interim replacements in the short term

Ex-SSE boss joins energy app-making start-up

The ex-chief executive of Scottish energy firm SSE has joined the board of a technology start-up which has made an energy-related app. Ian Marchant is putting cash into the Stirling-based firm Linknode as well as taking up a role as a Non-Executive Director. The two year old company specialises in mobile 3D visualisation apps for […]

SSE boss named new Energy Institute President

The Chief Executive of Scottish power supplier SSE has been appointed as the new President of an energy industry body. Ian Marchant (pictured) has voluntarily taken the new role at the Energy Institute (EI) from Joan MacNaughton (pictured) for the next two years after a decade of working for SSE. He will be stepping down […]

SSE boss warns of energy “crunch” in three years

SSE boss Ian Marchant yesterday warned of a “capacity crunch” in the next three years which the Government is “significantly underestimating.” The outgoing chief executive – who is stepping down after more than 10 years in the job this summer – made the comments after a review of the generator’s existing thermal power plants as […]

New heating system could double EU’s energy storage

A new electric heating storage system could help double the amount of energy stored across Europe by 2050. A report looking at the potential impact of the smart electrical thermal storage (SETS) technology (pictured) claims switching to it could provide an additional 54GW of storage capacity in the next four decades. Energy consultancy KEMA, which […]

SSE chief Ian Marchant stepping down

The outspoken head of Scottish energy supplier SSE, Ian Marchant is stepping down in the summer. SSE’s Deputy Chief Executive Alistair Phillips-Davies will take his place on 1 July, the firm announced today, while Finance Director Gregor Alexander will work to support the role. It is ten years since Mr Marchant took the helm at […]

SSE chief: ‘things could get worse before they get better’

The SSE chief fears the Government and watchdog Ofgem lack “clear vision” when it comes to reforming the electricity market and is worried the current “turmoil” is in danger of “completely killing” innovation. Ian Marchant made the remarks yesterday at a conference organised by Cornwall Energy which asked, ‘Are Retail Markets in Turmoil?’. Admitting “energy […]

EDF shrugs off extra nuclear cost accusation as “speculation”

French energy company EDF Energy has shrugged off accusations the cost of nuclear power could add an extra £70 to household bills as “speculation”. This week the chief executive of rival supplier SSE claimed the price of new nuclear could add £70 to household electricity bills. EDF Energy is planning to build several new nuclear […]

Blog: SSE energy chief broadsides EDF’s nuclear bargaining

A hideous row over spending on nuclear power has been brewing in the energy sector for quite some time. Now it threatens to burst into the open air like a mushroom cloud over the new Energy Bill. That is, if it hasn’t already. SSE’s chief executive Ian Marchant took the bold move of penning an […]

SSE boss lambasts “opaque” nuclear negotiations between UK and EDF

The chief executive of SSE has warned UK consumers could end up footing an excessively high bill for nuclear power because of “opaque negotiations” between the UK Government and EDF Energy. Writing in a daily newspaper about the draft Energy Bill, which is meant to encourage investment by offering a guaranteed price for low carbon […]