UN aviation agency endorses scheme to cut emissions

Domestic and international flights are said to account for around 2% of global CO2 emissions

UK joins 190 nations to offset aviation emissions

The world’s first deal to limit greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation industry has been struck by 191 countries, including the UK. The nations approved the new ‘global market-based measure’ (GMBM) at the United Nation’s International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Montreal after three years of negotiations. Under the agreement, airlines will offset their emissions […]

Deal to reduce aviation emissions expected in Montreal

A deal to reduce pollution from commercial flights is expected to be reached at UN talks in Montreal this week. It would be the first agreement to curb emissions in the industry as aviation has never been part of international talks to cut emissions before, not even in the Paris Agreement. The draft document from […]

UN group agrees first aircraft emission rules

Global aviation experts have agreed to the first emissions reduction standard for aircrafts. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), a UN specialised agency, said the new CO2 emissions rule would apply to new aircraft designs from 2020 and new deliveries of current in-production aircraft types from 2023. A cut-off date of 2028 for production of […]

UN aviation body is "stalling" on emissions

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has been accused of stalling on measures to tackle aviation emissions following its 38th Assembly in Montreal last week. The UN body agreed to push forward with plans for a global, market based mechanism (MBM) to reduce emissions. However it only committed to coming up with proposals for the […]

UN body accused of ‘dragging its feet’ on aviation emissions

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has been accused of dragging its feet over measures to combat aviation emissions. On Tuesday the UN body agreed to have the tools in place by 2016 to create a global market based system for cutting greenhouse gases. But the commitment will still need to be ratified at their […]

Carbon credits cut airlines emissions “cheaply”

A global scheme in which where airlines bought credits to offset their carbon emissions would work out “relatively cheaply” according to new research. Several airlines kicked up a fuss two years ago when the EU slapped an environmental tax – via the Emissions Trading Scheme – on all flights in and out of Europe. Many […]

Carbon budget plan floats well with shipping and air groups

Proposals to formally include aviation and shipping in the UK’s carbon targets released today seem to have gone down well with both industries. But both are concerned by EU plans along the same lines which could “distort” UK trade. This morning the Committee on Climate Change brought out a report suggesting the emissions from international […]