Clean energy growth slows global emissions in 2023

Global energy-related emissions increased last year, albeit at a slower rate compared to the previous year, due in part to the expansion of clean energy technologies such as solar, wind and electric vehicles

Global gas demand set for 2.5% growth in 2024

The International Energy Agency has warned that geopolitical uncertainties and supply constraints may trigger price fluctuations

IEA report spotlights biogas and biomethane

The World Biogas Association (WBA) welcomes the International Energy Agency’s Renewables Report 2023, which, for the first time, dedicates a section to the biogas and biomethane sector

EV sales to surge 35% in 2023

Growing electrification is predicted to reduce the global demand for oil by at least five million barrels per day by 2030, according to the International Energy Agency

IEA: China’s reopening to push global oil demand to new heights

The average growth rate for the year is estimated to be two million barrels per day, according to a new report

IEA: ‘Renewable deployment helped limit rise in carbon emissions’

Without clean energy, the growth in carbon emissions would have been three times higher

Renewables set to become top electricity source by 2026

The IEA has said the growth in renewable power generation will surpass that of fossil fuel-fired power stations from 2023 to 2025

IEA: Coal use to hit record levels in 2022

However, the year also saw record production levels for renewables – the report has found

IEA: Ukraine War could make renewables world’s top energy source

That’s as many countries impose bans on fossil fuels, a report suggests

Drop coal or forget the 1.5°C target, says IEA

The global demand for coal has been at record highs for the last ten years, new report has warned