‘Oil companies must plan major production drop by 2030s to meet 1.5°C’

ELN spoke to Axel Dalman, Carbon Tracker Associate Analyst, about the findings of the latest report of the financial think tank

Are UK homes hotter than those in Europe?

On hot summer days, UK homes gain heat more than twice as fast as homes in Germany and Italy, according to new research

IEA: Electricity demand growth will require more fossil fuel production

It found renewables are not expanding quickly enough to meet the strong rebound in power demand this year, resulting in a ‘sharp rise’ in coal power consumption

IEA: ‘Recovery in clean energy spending not enough to reach net zero’

The organisation has warned the gap between current investment trends and the required spending on climate mitigation is ‘a critical fault line in the clean energy transition’

Is the 2025 gas boiler ban target achievable for the UK?

Nathan James Van Gambling, Plumbing Heating Lecturer and Training Specialist, spoke to ELN about the feasibility of a UK-wide ban on boilers

IEA estimates renewable electricity capacity rose by 45% in 2020

The agency suggests renewables grew at their fastest rate in two decades last year

IEA: Global EV sales soared by 40% in 2020

More than ten million EVs are now on the streets globally, IEA estimates

IEA warns 2021 will see the second largest rise in global energy-related emissions ever

Driven by coal use for electricity generation, carbon dioxide emissions are projected to rise by 1.5 billion tonnes

Carbon-neutrality pledges are just ‘pie in the sky’

India’s Minister of Power said developed countries’ per capita emissions are much higher than in his country

‘Three times as much investment in renewables than in fossil fuels over last decade’

That is according to a report by Imperial Business School and the IEA, which suggests a better risk/return profile for clean energy over fossil fuels