UK grid smashes new green record with ‘longest time’ on record

Britain’s electricity grid ran on 100% clean power for 25 hours, according to a new report

Rishi Sunak meets Bill Gates to discuss clean tech innovation

Green technology innovators can solve the challenges of net zero, the Prime Minister has said

Is the cold snap to blame for London’s ‘high’ air pollution alert?

Londoners have been asked to avoid unnecessary car journeys after high air pollution alert issued

‘EU customers are cutting gas usage faster than Britons’

European countries such as Germany are leading the way in slashing their demand for gas, according to a new report

‘Sharing heat pump installation data could accelerate the transition to clean heating’

The government has been urged to introduce new measures to build consumer confidence in switching to low carbon heating

Super thin solar panels could be the answer to a greener future

New research has made these ultra-thin panels 25% more energy absorbent

UK universities ‘received £89m in funding from oil firms in last four years’

Nearly 36 universities have secured funding from eight oil giants, according to a new report

Air pollution linked to severe cases of COVID-19 and hospitalisations, London researchers find

This is more likely as air pollution contributes to people having heart or lung disease and their illness becomes more severe from COVID-19 if they catch it

Climate change ‘causing devastating impacts on mental health’

A new study claims to have found a ‘clear relationship’ between the rise in the world’s temperatures and suicide rates

Britain’s grid under extreme weather stress?

Low winds could put Britain’s energy security at great risk, Imperial researchers warn