UK renewables capacity overtakes fossil fuels for first time

The total renewable capacity on the grid has tripled over the last five years, standing at 42GW

New enzyme-based biofuel technology? Scientists break it down

Researchers at Imperial College London have enhanced the process of turning plant-based biomass into valuable products

Cost of new nuclear plants ‘often 18% more than expected’

Researchers say developers might be better off focusing on ‘lower risk’ technologies such as wind or solar power instead

Waiting for ‘unicorn’ energy tech to be developed ‘could cost UK 61% more’

Researchers from Imperial College London suggest developers are better off committing to existing low carbon tech immediately

Oil and gas giants invest in low emission tech

A $1 billion (£0.7bn) fund created by oil and gas majors to fight climate change has announced its first three investments. The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) is made up of 10 firms including BP, CNPC, Shell, Statoil and Total. Its investment arm, OGCI Climate Investments, is supporting US firm Solidia Technologies to make […]

Hitachi-GE partners with universities for nuclear research

Hitachi and GE have joined forces with two UK universities to support their nuclear research. It has signed an agreement with Imperial College London and Bangor University to provide industry advice to the Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Research Hub and Network in Wales. The hub was formed in June this year with the aim of enabling […]

CHP to save Imperial College £32m on energy costs

Two combined heat and power (CHP) engines are to be installed at Imperial College London. The 4.5MW engines will be set up in the university’s new energy centre and are expected to cut energy costs by millions of pounds. Mike Cooke, Regional Director for Vital Energi said: “Imperial College London had a clear vision that they […]

Hinkley delay: Expert reactions

  Yesterday the UK Government announced the delay of Hinkley Point C after EDF’s board members agreed to invest in the nuclear project. ELN asked experts what they made of the decision. Mark Wenman, Lecturer in Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College London said the announcement was a “surprise”. He told ELN: “I don’t think the […]

‘Fuel cells important to tackle climate change’

Fuel cell systems could play an important role in helping combat climate change due to their efficiency. Anthony Kucernak, Professor of Chemical Physics at Imperial College London told ELN: “I think one of the important points about fuel cells is that they are very, very efficient. As we move forward, what we need to make sure […]

Concrete CO2 can be cut ‘if there’s an incentive’

The CO2 emissions released from concrete could be cut globally if there was an incentive to develop the materials needed. That’s according to Professor Ellis Gartner, who spoke at a conference at Imperial College London yesterday. The lecture looked at how the carbon footprint of concrete could be reduced. Mr Gartner, visiting Professor in the Department of Civil […]