Imperial College and ABB extend carbon capture partnership

ABB and Imperial College London have extended their partnership for a decade, enhancing their carbon capture pilot plant to train future professionals and address STEM shortages

ABB and Imperial College London have agreed to a ten-year extension of their carbon capture technology collaboration.

This partnership maintains a carbon capture pilot plant at Imperial College, which serves as a training facility for students and helps address STEM shortages.

Since its establishment in 2012, more than 4,500 students have used the plant, utilising more than 250 instruments and sensors to replicate realistic operational conditions.

The extension aims to equip students with skills necessary for future industrial processes, emphasising the importance of technology in optimising plant performance and managing emergency situations.

The UK Government’s Powering Up Britain policy, announced earlier this year, outlines a series of net zero pledges, including £20 billion in funding to spur private investment and job creation in carbon capture and storage.

Yiheng Shao, fourth-year undergraduate student at Imperial College London, said: “During my time in the carbon capture pilot plant, I have actively participated in the operation of the process, gaining a deeper understanding of the development and application of the technology.”

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