Green investment: “Government has its fingers in its ears”

The IPPR has warned the UK is falling behind international competitors, including the US and EU

Biden and EU in talks to end EV tax tension

The EU is seeking to seal a critical minerals agreement to ease supply chain pressures

White House to cut federal building emissions 30% by 2030

US President Joe Biden has set a target for federal buildings to be emissions-free by 2045

US renewable production hit record high

Wind is the largest renewable energy source in the US, according to a new report

Moo-ving out! Biden vows to slash methane emissions

Fees of up to $1,500 will be imposed per metric tonne of methane emitted in 2026

US Senate passes ‘largest investment ever’ in combating climate crisis

The bill is believed to lower consumers’ electricity costs and prices for solar panels, wind turbines and EVs