£3.6m boost for nuclear fusion technology

The ‘Machine 3’ device will be capable of discharging up to 200,000 volts within two microseconds

Greener web surfing for Gigaclear customers

Broadband provider Gigaclear has switched to a 100% renewable electricity provider. It has struck a deal with UK supplier Ecotricity, which will provide green power to its existing network of 82 broadband sites. Gigaclear specialises in connecting rural communities to high speed internet, connecting 35,000 properties to date. Ecotricity said it will also be working […]

Google replaces parents for help around the house

Modern Brits are more likely to ask the internet for help with household tasks than family members. New research from uSwitch.com reveals Google, YouTube and Siri are more popular options than Mum or Dad when learning how to perform basic jobs like bleeding radiators or turning off the gas supply. Amongst young adults, 28% say they would […]

Facebook unveils solar drone for internet access

Facebook has unveiled its full-scale solar-powered drone which is expected to help provide internet access in remote parts of the world. The company expects the plane – dubbed Aquila – to fly non-stop for three months at a time. The aircraft has the wingspan of a Boeing 737 but weighs less than a car due […]

Chinese and French chip in to German smart home idea

The race to be the go-to guys for “smart home” technology is heating up – with two French and Chinese companies chipping into Germany’s efforts on this front. The group of German firms led by Deutsche Telekom – the equivalent of Britain’s BT – has a digital box which uses broadband internet so a household […]

‘Make our tweets green’, Twitter told

Twitter is being urged to follow in the footsteps of other internet giants by using 100% renewable energy to power its data centres. Activists from Greenpeace protested outside Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco this week as part of its campaign to pressure the company in “making our tweets green”. Its latest report ‘Clicking Clean: How […]

Solar and balloon-powered 3G internet access

Google has launched a fleet of high altitude solar-powered balloons (pictured) capable of delivering internet access at 3G speeds to specialised antennas on the ground below. Called Project Loon, the idea was developed by the search engine giant’s secretive Google [x] laboratory and is part of the company’s wider strategy of exploring new ways of […]

Online ‘solar calculator’ lets you add up future earnings

Solar installation company, Ecovision, has launched a ‘Solar Calculator’, which allows a user to measure their roof’s capacity through Google satellite images, for the most accurate reading. The company says the internet tool can quickly work out what a roof can earn and at what cost to the user. Once used, Ecovision then send a […]