Labour’s net zero target faces £116bn investment challenge

A new report by Policy Exchange, backed by modelling from Aurora Energy Research, warns of the infeasibility of achieving Labour’s net zero grid target by 2030

Spring Budget to include £5bn freeze on fuel duty

In his final budget before the election, the Chancellor is anticipated to freeze fuel duty today

‘Public support for publicly-owned energy proposal’

New poll reveals that nearly two-thirds of Brits support Labour’s proposal for public-owned green energy, with only 6% in opposition

Labour’s ditches £28bn green investment pledge

Labour will abandon its commitment to invest £28 billion annually in green energy projects, with an official announcement expected on Thursday

Labour pledges £3bn investment for green steel

Today, Keir Starmer is meeting with steelworkers and union representatives at Port Talbot steelworks to emphasise Labour’s support for the steel sector

‘Rising energy bills pushing UK households into record debt’

E.ON and EDF executives have voiced concerns about the growing number of customers struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills, leading to record levels of household energy debt

UK energy bill fears: Will energy shortages lead to soaring prices?

Experts will issue a warning that the approaching winter could bring even greater difficulties, surpassing the challenges experienced in previous winters

High Court upholds ULEZ expansion: What next for the scheme?

High Court has ruled the ULEZ expansion in outer London boroughs legal, allowing the daily charge for highly polluting vehicles from 29th August

Sir Tony Blair: UK public net zero efforts alone insufficient

Former Prime Minister, Sir Tony Blair, has emphasised the necessity for global cooperation in achieving net zero goals, cautioning against expecting Britain’s efforts alone to solve the climate crisis

UK Energy Secretary vows to ‘max out’ North Sea oil and gas reserves

Grant Shapps has labelled Labour’s proposal to prohibit new oil and gas exploration in the North Sea as a self-harming policy