UK solar farms provide haven for wildlife, reveals national survey

Solar farms can support declining species and enhance pollinator populations, according to a report by Solar Energy UK

Nemo in big trouble finding his mates!

Some species of reef fish find it more difficult to identify competitors as a result of mass coral bleaching events, new research suggests

Lancaster University submits new solar farm plan

The 16.5MW solar project aims to underpin the university’s net zero commitment

Solar parks may-bee best bumble bee home!

New research suggests the way UK solar parks are managed could help boost bumble bee populations

Lancaster University launches research to reduce energy bills

The university will develop forecast systems which will determine more accurately gas and electricity consumption across the country

Students waste £11m of electricity

Students in the UK are boiling away nearly £11m in electricity a year by mis-using kettles. According to research by Lancaster University, the UK’s two million university students waste around £10.8m-worth of electricity by overfilling kettles or leaving them to boil for too long. Now the university is to put wireless monitoring technology in students’ […]