GEL targets 250k electric car batteries with ‘zero-carbon’ lithium production

Recent tests at the United Downs power plant site in Cornwall revealed high concentrations of lithium

IFC makes its first lithium investment with $180m loan

Lithium is a key component for batteries that power clean energy technologies and is expected to play a critical role in the transition towards a low carbon future

Critical minerals market for EVs, wind and solar hits $320bn in 2022

The market has doubled in size over the past five years, according to the International Energy Agency

UK and Canada agree deal on EVs and solar

Collaboration on cobalt and lithium has been sealed, as demand looks to rise by 500% by 2040

UK and Canada sign agreement to boost green tech supply chains

Countries have agreed to work together on critical minerals research and make supply chains more resilient

EV battery innovations get £27m backing

The funding will be shared between 17 selected projects

EV maker Arrival ‘could go bust next year’

UK jobs could be cut to keep the company afloat

UK’s first large-scale lithium site gets green light

The Middlesbrough facility will put the UK on the map when it comes to processing the metal critical to EVs, phones and wind farms

Skidmore tells investors to ignore fracking

He is calling for the government to push renewable investment and avoid reliance on other nations for energy production

EVs to make up 83% of battery demand in 20 years

This is due to growing demand and industry priorities, a new report claims