National Grid’s Grain LNG inks gas storage expansion deal

National Grid’s Grain LNG and Algerian gas company Sonatrach have sealed a ten-year agreement, securing long term storage and redelivery capacity at the Grain LNG terminal from January 2029

Grain LNG, operated by National Grid, has announced a ten-year agreement with Algerian gas company Sonatrach, extending storage and redelivery capacity at the Grain LNG terminal from January 2029.

This marks the first agreement from Grain LNG’s auction process launched in September 2023, securing 125GWh/d of import capacity, equivalent to three million tonnes per annum of LNG.

The Isle of Grain facility, currently expanding, aims to meet up to 33% of the UK’s gas demand, addressing the increasing LNG imports in the UK amidst Europe’s diversification efforts.

Katie Jackson, President of National Grid Ventures, said: “LNG imports play a critical role in making sure the UK has the gas it needs, when it needs it, providing a flexible and reliable supply of gas to heat peoples’ homes and to complement the growth of renewable generation.”

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