National Grid’s Hinkley Connection project clocks four million work hours

The project, extending over 57 kilometres from Bridgwater to Avonmouth, seeks to connect six million homes and businesses to new sources of low carbon energy, including those from Hinkley Point C

Shell joins wave power project

Shell has joined the Renewables for Subsea Power project, utilising wave power and subsea energy storage to power equipment off the Orkney coast

UK boosts energy efficiency in public buildings with £230m

The government is making £230 million available to public buildings, including schools and hospitals, to implement low carbon energy upgrades, reduce energy bills and lower carbon dioxide emissions

Edinburgh pioneers computing for low carbon energy

Edinburgh is set to host a cutting-edge exascale computing system, poised to transform AI, medicine and clean energy breakthroughs

EDF UK shoots for the stars with space-based solar power

The energy supplier aims to explore space-based solar power after winning a government innovation competition

ENA’s new action plan speeds up UK’s green grid connections

The Energy Networks Association has released a three-step plan as 69GW of new connection requests were made in the year up to October – the equivalent of a whole grid’s worth of capacity seeking to connect

Energy Minister declares green targets will power UK’s industrial renaissance

Graham Stuart has said the UK could have the cheapest electricity in Europe

UK grid: March sees record-breaking 83% zero-carbon electricity

In March, almost half of the UK’s electricity was generated by renewables, with wind power delivering a new record and coal accounting for just 0.5% of generation

It’s always windy in Manchester!

The city will facilitate the installation of 2,000 small wind turbines that will boost local power generation

Council opposes National Grid’s electricity network project

Councillors in Suffolk have agreed to object to a 112 mile-long power line