Boris Johnson criticised for comments on Thatcher coal mine closures

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon branded the Prime Minister’s remarks as ‘crass and insensitive’

Coal mining film holds out cap for community cash

Makers of a film about the 1984 coal strikes are going round cap in hand – online – to try and raise £35,000. The film will look at the event from the miners’ point of view and the plans are to release it to coincide with the 30th anniversary  next year. Called ‘Still The Enemy […]

Energy… the core of Thatcher’s legacy?

She’s dead. The heartless witch or the saviour of a nation. The strong woman or the dictatorial harridan, as the past few days of death parties and plans for a semi-state funeral have shown, Margaret Thatcher in death, as in life, is unforgettable and divisive. Thatcher’s legacy depends on your point of view; the emancipator […]