Energy transition threatened by supply shortages of vital minerals by 2030

Materials like dysprosium, used in electric motors, could potentially experience severe shortages of up to 70%, according to a new report

Glass furnace
Government unveils new measures to cut costs for energy-intensive industries

Nearly 300 companies in sectors including steel, metals, chemicals and paper are set to benefit

Asian $9bn EV supply chain deal cut to reduce Chinese reliance

The investment has been made to develop a mining through to manufacturing process in Indonesia

Australia to launch human urine-to-fertiliser trial

The nutrients of urine make it an “excellent fertiliser”, according to a new research

Enva boosts UK battery recycling capacity by 50%

It will enable the company to store and process more than 36,000 tonnes of batteries a year

Anglo-Russian metals firm produces aluminium with ‘world’s lowest’ carbon footprint

The firm has used an inert anode technology that is claimed to drive down emissions from the smelting process

Five new circular economy centres backed with £22.5m government funding

They will explore how reusing waste materials in the textiles, construction, chemical and metal industries could deliver environmental benefits

Up to £7m on offer to help foundation industries reduce energy use

They include the cement, glass, ceramics and paper sectors, which are responsible for 10% of UK carbon emissions

Metals made from deep-sea rocks ‘could help slash environmental impact of EV batteries’

A study has found producing battery metals from underwater ‘nodules’ can reduce related carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 75% compared to mining operations on land

Silver ingots
Solar panel demand ‘pushing up price of silver’

Researchers from the University of Kent warn this could lead to solar panel production costs soaring in the future